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  • How old do you legally have to be to get a tattoo? 

    • ​In the state of New York, you must be 18 years old to get tattooed with proper government/state issued identification. Please bring your physical ID with you. 


  • Who is LETMEPOKEU?

    • LETMEPOKEU (they/them/Leeza) is a self-taught tattoo artist that practices consent informed tattooing and has a safe and comfortable studio space in Brooklyn. LETMEPOKEU is licensed by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. Leeza's goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible throughout this process and leave you with a beautiful tattoo that makes you feel amazing and badass!

    • LETMEPOKEU holds a safe space for all LGBTQ+ / BIPOC to feel comfortable, understood, heard, and safe in their private studio. 

  • Is LETMEPOKEU licensed and trained?

    • Yes! Leeza is a licensed tattoo artist by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of New York City.

  • Will LETMEPOKEU ask for consent throughout the entire appointment?

    • Yes!!! ​Leeza will ask for consent throughout your entire session. They will also inform you of the process and what they are doing throughout the entire process to keep you safe and comfortable in the space. 


  • What are the rules at LETMEPOKEU studio?​​

    • The studio is filled with cute stuffed animals, cool art, books, coloring, and knick knacks available for you to check out while in the studio! Also have cute stickers and other LETMEPOKEU merch available to buy! 

    • It is LGBTQIA+, NEURO-DIVERGENT, BIPOC & allies friendly.

    • LETMEPOKEU has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, unwanted touching, homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, or ageist behavior. If these policies are violated, you will be asked to leave the studio. Thank you.

    • The studio is a 3 floor walk-up, stairs only. If you cannot easily access the studio, please reach out via email and we can arrange a home visit. 

  • What are your COVID-19 precautions?​

    • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your original appointment.


    • Friend Policy: Please try to limit friends attending appointments with you. If you need to bring a friend please let me know! Exception for couple & friend tattoos.

  • How do I make an appointment​?

    • Please email letmepokeu

    • **Please note that emailing LETMEPOKEU does not guarantee you an appointment!

    • If your request is accepted, please send a $100 non refundable deposit using Zelle or Cashapp. (The deposit will go towards the final price of your tattoo). This deposit will hold your appointment time. 

    • If your form is denied, you can always try again during the next round of booking. LETMEPOKEU is more willing to accept your submission if it aligns with their work / portfolio that you see on their instagram (@letmepokeu).

    • Please note when scheduling, a tattoo takes 3-4 weeks to heal and cannot be regularly submerged or soaked in water during the healing process (i.e. swimming) If you are experiencing any irritation or redness/sunburn in the area you wish to be tattooed, please reach out directly to to discuss options/rescheduling.


  • What are your standard prices, should I tip, and how do I pay for my tattoo?

    • My minimum for a small flash tattoo is $150

    • Medium flash tattoo minimum is $200

    • Custom flash tattoo minimum is $200

    • Most of my pieces range from $200-600 depending on size, placement, design.

    • I am happy to work with your budget and offer payment plans if needed. I will be able to give you a price range/minimum for your tattoo request, however the final prices are usually decided at appointment because it also depends on size and placement. 

    • Cash at appointment is preferred and encouraged. 

    • Tips: are appreciated and welcome and are normally around 20% ~ 35

    • Deposit for regular appointments: Only send a deposit once your appointment has been confirmed. Please send a non-refundable deposit of $100. Your deposit will go towards the final price of the tattoo.

    • Deposit for flash day tattoos:  Only send a deposit once your appointment has been confirmed. Please send a non-refundable deposit of $50. Your deposit will go towards the final price of the tattoo.

    • Payment Types: Please put EMOJIS ONLY in description

      • Cashapp: $letmepokeu 

  • I want a tattoo, but I am unsure of what design I would like. What should I do?

    • I offer free 15 minute virtual consultations. 

    • Feeling unsure? Indecisive? Have lots of questions? That's ok! 

    • I will chat with you and discuss your ideas, hesitations, and questions regarding your tattoo and the full experience. 

    • It's ok to be broad (if you are unsure) or specific (if you really have your heart set on something)!

    • To schedule a consultation please email

  • What if I like a flash piece, but it is taken?

    • If the flash piece you chose has already been taken, you may choose another flash piece or I am always open to creating a custom piece for you that is similar to the design you liked. 

    • I do not tattoo the same design twice. 

  • How do I choose the perfect placement for my tattoo?

    • In the beginning of the tattoo session, I will print out various sizes of the design for you to choose from. I have a large mirror and we can see where the design will look best on your body based on your other tattoos. We can work together to find you a perfect placement! ​


  • How does the design process work for a custom tattoo design?​

    • ​Once you submit a deposit, I will start working on your custom design. A couple days before the appointment I will send you some design options and you can give me revisions prior to your appointment via email or a virtual consultation. 

    • If we need more time, we can work together in studio on creating the perfect design for you! 

  • Can I get 2 tattoos or more during my session?

    • You are also welcome to request more than one tattoo for our appointment. 

  • How do I prepare for getting my tattoo?

    • Please check your route to the studio at least one day prior to your appointment date.

    • Get a good night’s rest, eat a good meal at least two hours before your appointment. 

    • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after your tattoo appointment. 

    • Please refrain from drinking excessive amounts of coffee or caffeine before your appointment.

    • Please wear comfortable clothing.

    • To manage your pain and comfort please bring water, and snacks (candy/granola bar/soda/gatorade) to help with feeling light-headed and sustained. If you are worried about pain during a tattoo feel free to use any CBD products or natural supplements such as oils/gummies to help you.

    • Please notify me of cancellations at least 48 hours before the appointment, or you will lose your deposit and need to reschedule. 

  • How do I manage the pain during a tattoo?​

    • Stress ball, Stuffed animal

    • Eat candy / sugar, or drink soda during your tattoo (Please provide your own food and snacks!)

    • Water! 

    • Listen to music! Bring headphones if needed! (I will be playing music in the studio, but it is totally okay if you want to listen to your own music / wear headphones). 

    • CBD products (oils, gummies) -- CBD does not contain THC and can help you with your pain and anxiety​​​


  • How will you wrap up my tattoo at the end of the session?

    • Saniderm, a medical grade tattoo aftercare, known for faster and better healing. 

    • If you are allergic to Saniderm we will NOT use it. 

  • How do I take care of my tattoo?

    • Keep the Saniderm on for 3-5 days. Ink and blood will start to appear throughout the days. If it gets disgusting and you want to take it off you can. However, I encourage you to wear it for as long as u can (max 5 days) for a better, faster, and easier healing process.

    • After you take the Saniderm off, wash your hands, and then wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap. 

      • Do NOT scrub, rub, scratch, touch, or pick at the tattoo. (You can actually pick the tattoo out! be careful) 

      • Do NOT bathe, swim, or wash your tattoo a lot. Do NOT go swimming (pool/beach/bath) for the first 2-3 weeks. Do not take hot and long showers to avoid increase of dry skin. Avoid exposure to the sun.

      • Once dry, apply a THIN coat of Aquaphor (found at any drugstore) 

      • I also recommend Hustle Butter ( vegan salve for your tattoo (found on amazon) 

  • Do NOT rebandage your tattoo (it does not need to be covered)

  • Following: for the next 2-3 days x 2 times a day, wash your hands and your tattoo. Apply a light layer of ointment. 


  • Sun exposure and will my tattoo fade? 

    • As the years go by, yes. Sun exposure can cause your tattoo to fade. 

    • After the tattoo is healed, use 50-100 SPF sun-block if you are going to expose your tattoo in the sun (every 2 hours)

    • Too much sun exposure can cause burn and skin issues, including blisters, peeling, cracking of the tattoo ​​​

  • Can you tattoo over scars or skin irritations?

    • Please let me know if you are thinking about getting a tattoo in an area with scars or skin irritations and attach a photo in your booking form! 

    • It is best to reschedule your appointment if there are any skin issues/irritations. 


  • What kind of supplies do you use?

    • Single use and disposable supplies

    • Black Dynamic Ink

    • All color ink is Eternal ink and SolidInk


  • Can I take pictures and videos during my tattoo session?

    • Yes

    • I can also airdrop you the photos I take during your tattoo appointment 

    • Please ALWAYS tag @letmepokeu 


  • Can I bring someone with me to my appointment? 

    • Please try to limit friends attending appointments with you. If you need to bring a friend please let me know! (just please let me know)

    • Exception for couple and friend tattoos.

  • ​What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

    • Please notify me 48 hours before the appointment if you need to cancel @ If there is a cancellation 24 hours or less before the appointment, please be prepared to lose your deposit. If you want to reschedule, you will have to pay another $100 non-refundable deposit and reschedule. However, PLEASE cancel if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. You will not have to pay another deposit!!! 


  • What is the Late Policy?

    • Please arrive on-time to your appointment! If you are going to be late, please keep me updated. After 30 minutes or more, however, your time slot will no longer be held and you will lose your deposit. In order to reschedule, you must submit a new non-refundable deposit and email

    • ****Please check your route to the studio at least one day prior to your appointment date to make sure you are on time. 

  • What happens to my deposit if LETMEPOKEU reschedules the appointment?

    • ​If I reschedule the appointment you do NOT have to pay another deposit to reschedule that appointment. If you decide that you want to cancel instead of rescheduling you will get  50% of your deposit back. 

  • How do I reschedule my appointment? 

    • Please go to the original email sent from LETMEPOKEU, and email Leeza with other dates and times that works for you.

  • Where is LETMEPOKEU studio?

    • Brooklyn, NY

    • Accessible to the B, Q, F, G trains

    • Address and appointment info will be sent a couple days before the appointment 


  • If I do not have enough money to buy your work or get a tattoo, how can I still support your work?

    • Share my work on your story!

    • Comment on my instagram posts!

    • Share my instagram posts! 

    • Tag me! ALWAYS! (: @LETMEPOKEU

    • Tell your friends about me 


  • Can I post your work on my Instagram page?

    • I run a personal Instagram page and want to post your work as inspiration to my followers or because I resonate with your work? 

      • Yes- As long as you tag me! @letmepokeu ; Sharing my work without credit is considered stealing!!

    • Are you a company?

      • No. To use my work for advertising please email me @ to discuss a partnership or separate collaboration. 


  • Do you take custom commissions?

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